Hello Friends           

We have a young foster-son living with us, his name is Dominique. 

He came living with us when he was 2 months old. His father and his mother couldn’t take care for him any more. At one time the father put Dominique in my arms and he said: take him with you, because here things are not going well. His father and mother were addicted and they were afraid that a child organization would take their child away from them. From then on he lives with us. We are also grandpa and grandma, so we have a double task to do. Dominique is still with us and he is doing well!

We recently were in Romania again and this time Dominique and Greta also went with me. First we flew to Bucharest from Eindhoven, that was easy. We stayed one night in Bucharest and after that we visited Lucas and their project in Casa Cana. The next day Else Britt would arrive in Bucharest, together with other women from Sweden. Malin was one of the women and she also took her little son Jonathan with her. Stefan, our coordinator from Constanta, would pick us up.

We walked from our hotel to Casa Cana, along the railway station. We had to cross a big boulevard with in the middle a road separation. There we could see a cover of a sewer lying next to the sewer hole. I saw children coming out of the sewer and some of them were standing around it. I told Dominique and Greta that these were the street children and that they lived under the ground. The children saw us and asked where we came from.

Later we were together with Lucas for a lunch and he suggested that we would first pray before eating. Our little Dominique proposed to do the prayer. That is good, said Lucas. And we could then hear loud and clear the prayer of our little child. Lucas was impressed!

Later Stefan picked us up and we travelled to Constanta together with our Swedish friends. During the travel he played with the little Jonathan from Sweden!

We had a very good time in Constanta. Dominique played with the little children. We kept him a little away from the older children because many of them are ill. In the morning the older children come, the street children, and in the afternoon the little children come. They first get a warm meal and after that there is a children’s club and they also get help with their homework.

Dominique also joined us when we visited the home in Corbu.         He was immediately accepted by the children there and Tatjana,   the mama said as a joke : “we have also a place for him here if he wants to stay”.

On May 1 we had a barbecue with all the personnel and the volunteers and their partners in our home in Corbu. They do that traditionally in Romania and for us it was good to have a better acquaintance with everybody.  A lot of children children played in our midst. 

We are very much blessed in the work for the children, older ones and younger ones. Do you also want to invest in the future of those children? That can be done in several ways!

Greetings and thanks for all the help and support.

Theo, Greta and Dominique van Hoof