Dear Friends,

There is a development ongoing whereby our work has been extended and whereby we not only care for street children but also for children from poor families.

Once a year a camp is organized for the children and also a youth camp. In 2015 we helped 52 children to go to school and we helped them with their school work. Sponsors help us to make this possible. There is also a new project where older children are helped with their education so they have a chance to get a normal life later.

Many of those children would become street children if we wouldn’t help them. Their parents are also living on the streets or live at the border of the city in self made shacks without sanitation. Often they don’t have an identification card. Because of that they cannot get regular health care, education and social help. We help them with those basic needs and try to obtain an identification card for them. Often they have to return to the village where they were born to see if they can find a birth certificate there, or to see if there is family who can prove that they belong to that family. We help them to go to school so they have a chance for a better future!

It is very bad when they don’t have an identification card because then they actually don’t exist according to the law. We try the help where we can like providing schooling, visiting a doctor and when their parents cannot care for them. We have a big house where several children come. There are foster parents and nurses who are available for them. It is a house where they are cared for with a lot of love like in a big family.

We want to present our goals and activities to you in an active manner and we are always available to inform you more about them.

In our picture gallery you can see our collaborators , volunteers and the children in their daily activities.