Visit to Casa Familia in Corbu:Bunicul meu : 

“My grandfather “ the little Narcissa said to me when she sat close to me on the couch in the living room of our family replacement house in Corbu. It affected me very much! I am happy to be their grandfather and that I may care for them, a real privilege , but also a big responsibility! Also for the foster parents!

We just came back from Romania. Dominique, my little grandson came along with me. We had a very nice time together! In the mean time we were confronted with shortcomings in the house, especially the water pipes and the water pipes from the water well are worn out but also the house needs repairs.

We had beautiful weather and enjoyed it very much. Soon it will become winter and the winters can be very cold in Romania. Florie is now with the childcare organization. When she was with her mother for a few days, she ran away. She wanted to go back to Tatjanan, her foster mother in our house in Corbu, where also her sister Narcissa is and others. But they don’t let her go back yet. Little Narcissa says that she has to cry now and then when she thinks about her, because she misses her very much! Also the foster parents miss her, she is a lovely little child! Also two new children came to the house , a girl of 3 years and a boy of eight years old.

As you may know, the kitchen of Casa Sami, in Constanta, where we prepared meals has been closed now. It was not needed any more.

There is still contact with children and some of the parents. We can help them with advice and sometimes with clothes. Also the house there needs repairs.

There is a very wet wall in the stockroom where we keep the clothes. We have to do something about that otherwise the clothes start to smell and everything will become wet.

I had a meeting there at our office with doctor Adrian, our Romanian committee member, and Vivi, my assistant. Many children stay with their grandparents now, because the parents look for work in another country. And that gives new problems. That was confirmed by our doctor. 

We learn from those findings and want to continue our work. Myself, I often have a difficult time because my wife Greta passed away and also Dominique as well, because she was in fact his mother. I often have to console him when he misses her!

We want to wish you nice Christmas days and thank you for your faithful support.