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Welcome, dear holyday! Hello, dear friends!
In Romania kids use to say that “ the vacation came,  by France train”. 
They couldn’t wait for summer to come…  in Romania they have 3 months vacation from school, and of course they are really happy for that. In the summer they are more than usually, and they like to meet each other and to spend time together.
In vacation time we play more games with them, we go to the camp (thanks to our sponsors from the WereDi high school in Holland) and they don’t have to do homeworks anymore.

For our children, the camp it’s the best thing ever…they wait all the year for going to camp to a beautiful place.
This year we have been in Poiana Pinului – Buzau, we played games, we had competitions, we sang together and the little ones enjoyed  the time with the team from Holland and the Romanian team in good cooperation. They like so much when we have guests.
Before to leave from Buzau, one of the children came to me and with tears she said :   “ I wish so much that we can stay here forever, I don’t like at home, here I can hug everyone all the time, and I can fell your love because you all care about me and about us”.

That’s the most important thing that our childrens needs: love.  
Most of us are blessed to have a nice family, good and real friends, and to spend quality time with the dear ones. But it’s not the same with our kids that use to come to our day center.
And also for our street-kid’s. Most of them are struggling  with difficult life that they have. In our contry the gouverment don’t help to much the street people, most over the age  18 cannot benefit from state aid, and even the ones under 18 years don’t have a big support from the state.

Sometimes they feel that no one cares for them. But we do!
And Casa Sami it’s a big support for the ones who comes here. We cannot survive without God’s help and our sponsors. So we are really thankful and glad that together we can bring and give happiness to poor people and childrens.
We will go soon with the big girls and boys, street kids, to the camp, and for them it’s also something special because they cannot afford a vacantion, especially one for a week.
Thank you for your help! We will come soon with new news.
God bless you!

Petrache Stefan,
Coordonator at Fundatia S.O.S Copiii Strazii 2002

Theo van Hoof,
Director and Fondator Fundatia S.O.S Copiii Străzii 2002
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