Newsletter September 2016

Hello Everybody,

We received 45.000 euro’s so far, almost enough for the building of the new house! 

But we are still thinking how we can best manage it! That is very difficult because they made the foundation rules even more strict! Before we will get the permits, it will be winter already and that means that it will be spring before we can start building.

Also in Casa Sami there will be some changes shortly.  Here the government makes it very difficult for us! We just got another inspection from them and they came with new requirements again! But fortunately the inspection of the foundation was without problems. The team was very proud that we got another accreditation for 5 more years.

The problem now is that the costs are rising very rapidly now, and therefore we chose to organize it as a Mission now.

For a day centre the government decides how you have to organize everything and how many people you have to employ. For an organization that is working from a church, the situation is different. The government doesn’t control that in the same manner.

Lucas Rahanar from Bucharest will help us with that, together with two young men from his team. They will take responsibility for it from now on. We don’t know how it will be organized precisely but also in this new setting we will keep helping people and especially also the children. But hopefully with much less control from the government. We will then work mostly with volunteers, that will reduce the costs a lot. It will be a Mission where the people and children will keep finding help and care! Also for our addicted youngsters there will be more opportunities to help them. For them we also have our yearly camps. One camp for the younger children and one camp for the older ones. We hope that we will also be able to organize them the next year and that our sponsors will continue to support us in this new setting.

But I believe that only real change will come when we allow Jesus to enter into our hearts!
it is not so important what kind of background we have, but it is important that we do this work with love for the children and the lost people!

Thanks for your help and support!

Theo en Greta van Hoof